Published by: BHRT production house, year 2017.

Recorded in: BHRT music studio

Sound engineer: Željko Skarić, Pancho, assisted by Nijaz Kurtalić

Produced and co-arranged by: Damir Arslanagić

All of the recording is done by Sunday Stories and guests, songs are played on real instruments.

Instruments used while recording the album:

Guitars: Fender Stratocaster, Yamaha apx 700, Gibson 335 (recorded with amplifiers: Fender Hod Rod Deluxe)- Played by Saša Ćirić

Bass: Line 6 Variax 700 bass guitar (recorded with bass amplifier: Line 6 110 Lowdown bass)- Played by Mustafa Kurtalić

Drums: Pearl export drums, Pearl master custom snare drum Yamaha, Mapex and pearl hardware, Zilodjian a custom master sound hi hat, Istanbul Turk Crash and Turk Ride, Paiste pst5crash- Played by Zlatan Begić

Main wind instruments: Tenor Saxophone Yamaha, YTS-32; Clarinet Buffet Crampon, RC- Played by Valentin Šeremet

Piano, Keys and Organ: Fender Rhodes el.piano, Stainway&Sons acoustic Grand Piano, Hammond Organ- Played By Damir Arslanagić

Other wind instruments: Flute Yamaha 371 (played by Narcis Zečić) Trumpet Vincet Bach, 72 (played by Tomislav Bedenik), Baritone Saxophone P.Mauriat (played by Mirza Frljak Frki)

Songs are written and arranged by Sunday Stories & Damir Arslanagić:

Nina Babić- Lead Vocal, Lyrics & Music, Arrangement;

Saša Ćirić- Guitar, Vocal (Lead on: Humanity & Back Vocal on other songs),  Music & Arrangement;

Mustafa Mute Kurtalić- Bass, Back Vocals & Arrangement;

Zlatan Begić- Drums & Arrangement;

Valentin Šeremet- Saxophone, Clarinet, Back Vocals & Arrangement

Damir Arslanagić- Keys & Co-Arrangement